Friday, June 11, 2010

Tying your dog up to a tree is not what we call "Training"!

I found this cute little girl after leaving work on Friday, June 11, 2010 at 8pm tied to a tree outside of 507 E11th St btwn Aves A&B. She was crying. She was very friendly and let me pet her and right away she gave me her paw, poor baby hasn't had a bath in who knows how long. She let me read her tags, and she had a "home-again" tag on, and a call 311 if lost tag. From reading her tags she looked to me, and the other neighborhood people, that she was recently adopted from the shelter. I did not want to call 311 because I feared that since NYC is still a "kill city" that she would be put to sleep fast, since she obviously was already in the shelter system once before. So after a crowd of concerned neighborhood dog owners appeared, we all were discussing our strong distaste for people who tie their dogs up like this. We sat with this pup for over 15minutes(not sure how long she was tied to the tree before I found her) until the owner reared his ugly head from the top floor of 507 E11th(a city owned building that has a history of drug dealing and even a book written about it called The Rock). And here is how the conversation went:

Dirtbag guy yelled out the window to me: "thats my dog".
I yelled up:"why are you tying your dog up to a tree? Its animal abuse."
DBguy said: "No it isn't".
Me: "yes it is, get down here and get your dog that you don't deserve to own. You can't tie your dog to a tree. What the fuck is a matter with you?"
DB guy said:"If this is abuse I want to see paperwork".
Me: "????WTF paperwork???"
The DB guy then sent down a 10yr(ish) old boy to get the dog.
I asked the kid: "Is this your dog?"
Kid said:"yes".
Me: "why is your dog tied to a tree?"
Kid said: "we are training it".
Me: "tell your father that this is NOT how to train a dog, something bad can happen to the dog".
Kid said: "he's not my father".
So I gave the kid a not so nice note to give to his mothers(assumed) "friend". Telling him why DBguy is a horrible pet owner and doesn't deserve to own this dog.

So after the kid took the dog inside a woman came up to me and said she was watching from the corner. She said a month ago a different dog was tied to the SAME tree for quite some time. And she called Animal Control. And that the dog was put to sleep.



  1. You will looove this:

    This dog is named Nikki and she "ran away" on a rainy day last fall. I got her to follow me to the dog run where after an hour I realized no owner was following her. My boyfriend and I took her to be washed because she was so dirty we thought for sure she had been on the streets for some time.. 24 hours later the groomer we had taken her to told us her "owner" had come looking for her. We turned her over thinking it had been some freak accident that she got away.. When he met us there, he flung our collar and leash off of her as if they were infected and turned on his heal- no thank you- no eye contact- to go... Off leash.. Down Ave B.. Multiple times since then Nikki has turned up at the park 20mins before him or his "walker" (the 10 year old boy,) arrive. We vowed to not give her back the next time.. And today was that day. She was sitting at a bodega on 12j B today at 7:30am and he hasn't shown up or tried to find her.. Better yet- he is apparently moving into a building uptown that does not allow pets. We assuming that he dumped her.. And she is safe tonight in a loving foster home.

  2. beth you made my day, after reading that post i was horrified and sad. I''m glad to see that the dog wasn't put to sleep, she was adopted, by YOU! thank you so much!