Friday, June 18, 2010

Don't Go Shopping For Disaster

The Brooklyn Animal Foster Network sent us a link to their very powerful flier.

Right now, people in your neighborhood are intent on stealing your dog. They're checking out stores, cars and yards where dogs are often left unattended. When they get a "bunch" of these dogs they will sell them to research laboratories or dog fighters. "Bait" animals are used to test a dogs fighting instinct. We don't have to tell you what a laboratory will do with them. These dogs are always killed in the process.
Please, keep your dog safe at all times.

Please print this flier and post it in your neighborhood.

Dogs Tied Up in San Fran

Looks like we were not the first ones to start a photo blog of Dogs Tied Up. Check out this dog blog from San Francisco, they've been doing this for quite some time now.

These sad faces really break my heart.

Take your dog out to dinner?

This is our first reader submitted photo.

A Dogs Tied Up reader spotted this pooch tied to a railing outside of a West Village Diner the other night. The reader stood by and watched 2 different people stop to pet and talk to the pup, and even witnessed a passing by dog lunge at the tied up pooch.
Where was the pups owner? Inside having dinner, of course.

Ten minutes went by before the pups owner came out to check on his four legged friend. Our reader called him out. The pups owner got defensive, as expected, when he was accused of "abusing" his dog. He said:"Does this dog look abused to you?". Our reader said:"Yes, he does. He's tied up without anyone protecting him."

Some of you might say: "I'm not abusing my dog by tying him/her up outside while I shop or dine!" Well, you are only half correct.
What you ARE doing is subjecting your dog to potential abuse. It only takes a split second for someone to untie your dog and walk away. You don't even want to know what could happen next.

So please, stop being self centered, and put your dogs needs before your own. Your dog would do anything to protect you. Shouldn't you do the same?

Want to help stop the ignorance?

Do you hate confrontation? but still want to educate dog owners? Print up these fliers and hand them to the owners of the dogs that you see tied up.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Too cute to be tied

This handsome little devil got stuck being tied to an ugly yellow pole while his mommy was inside the stationary store. You can't tell from the photo, but there was a man sitting in the silver car on the right, a stranger. How do we know said stranger? We asked him if this was his dog, he said no. We asked if he had seen where this dogs owner went, he pointed to the stationary store. We had enough time to snap a photo, talk to the stranger in the silver car and even tape a flyer to the yellow pole the pooch was tied to. We had more than enough time to untie the dog and walk away with him. Instead we decided to hang around long enough for the dogs owner to get done with her errands. Instead of verbally ripping her a new asshole, we instructed her to take and read the piece of paper we taped to the yellow pole. She did, and walked away. We figured if we gave her a written list of reasons why tying your dog up outside unattended is a bad idea, it would sink in much better than standing there lecturing her.

Hopefully we will never see this cute black eyed, black eared baby, tied up again.

Good Samaritan finds dog stolen in Chelsea

I bet this woman will think twice about multi-tasking with her dog again.

Man, did she get lucky.

Read the article and watch video here.

I still think she is a jackass tho.

Monday, June 14, 2010

So glad you are enjoying your coffee

We all have seen this a million times, dogs tied up outside of coffee shops. This poor little guy was tied up outside a Sullivan St. coffee shop Saturday morning. While his owner was inside enjoying a soy mocha double latte chai tea whatever in a nice air conditioned coffee shop, this dog was forced to lay on a hot sidewalk in the sun. It wasn't just for a second, he was there before I got to the corner bodega to get my self serve $1.50 coffee and was still laying there when I was done. I lingered around looked in the window of the coffee shop to see the owner sitting in the window enjoying his morning cup of Joe.
I'm sure the dogs owner was really proud of himself and his "multi-tasking" skills. Me? Not so impressed. It's stupid, irresponsible and lazy. So here are a few ideas if you want to enjoy your morning coffee and bring your dog along for the ride.

Idea #1- If you live alone, why not make coffee at home? They sell machines that do it for you called a Coffee Maker. Another great invention is the insulated portable coffee cup. Put the two together and you got yourself a coffee to go. Grab your pup and take him out for a nice long walk or go playing in the dog run. It's much better than tying Fido to a street sign and letting him roast on the hot sidewalk while you are lounging inside some cafe.

Idea #2- If you don't live alone use the buddy system. Invite your partner, spouse, kids or roommate along when you take your dog out. That way you can still stop off at Starbucks and get your $10 coffee while your dog walking partner waits outside with Fido. Then you all can go on a long walk or a stroll through the park.

Idea #3- This is for the real motivated pet owner: Make two trips. Take the pooch out for his morning potty and when he's done bring him home. Then you can go out to the cafe and enjoy your morning beverage alone, without worrying about me snapping a pic of your dog and putting it on this here website.

Easy peasy, right? Now you don't have to put your dogs life at risk anymore. At the end of the day tying your dog up outside alone for any reason for any length of time is dangerous, period.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tying your dog up to a tree is not what we call "Training"!

I found this cute little girl after leaving work on Friday, June 11, 2010 at 8pm tied to a tree outside of 507 E11th St btwn Aves A&B. She was crying. She was very friendly and let me pet her and right away she gave me her paw, poor baby hasn't had a bath in who knows how long. She let me read her tags, and she had a "home-again" tag on, and a call 311 if lost tag. From reading her tags she looked to me, and the other neighborhood people, that she was recently adopted from the shelter. I did not want to call 311 because I feared that since NYC is still a "kill city" that she would be put to sleep fast, since she obviously was already in the shelter system once before. So after a crowd of concerned neighborhood dog owners appeared, we all were discussing our strong distaste for people who tie their dogs up like this. We sat with this pup for over 15minutes(not sure how long she was tied to the tree before I found her) until the owner reared his ugly head from the top floor of 507 E11th(a city owned building that has a history of drug dealing and even a book written about it called The Rock). And here is how the conversation went:

Dirtbag guy yelled out the window to me: "thats my dog".
I yelled up:"why are you tying your dog up to a tree? Its animal abuse."
DBguy said: "No it isn't".
Me: "yes it is, get down here and get your dog that you don't deserve to own. You can't tie your dog to a tree. What the fuck is a matter with you?"
DB guy said:"If this is abuse I want to see paperwork".
Me: "????WTF paperwork???"
The DB guy then sent down a 10yr(ish) old boy to get the dog.
I asked the kid: "Is this your dog?"
Kid said:"yes".
Me: "why is your dog tied to a tree?"
Kid said: "we are training it".
Me: "tell your father that this is NOT how to train a dog, something bad can happen to the dog".
Kid said: "he's not my father".
So I gave the kid a not so nice note to give to his mothers(assumed) "friend". Telling him why DBguy is a horrible pet owner and doesn't deserve to own this dog.

So after the kid took the dog inside a woman came up to me and said she was watching from the corner. She said a month ago a different dog was tied to the SAME tree for quite some time. And she called Animal Control. And that the dog was put to sleep.


Your home is not gracious, if you tie your dog up

Attention Gracious Home Shoppers,
If you are shopping in this store chances are you are RICH and can afford a dog sitter/walker. Or at least live in a building that has an elevator. So you really don't have any excuses as to why you must take your 3 dogs out with you while you shop for 9,000 thread count sheets for your Hastens mattress.

It was damn hot on May 25, 2010 at approximately 2:10pm, from what I recall. Hell, I wasn't wearing a fur coat, just a tee shirt as a matter of fact, and I was sweating up a storm. Even had to stop off and get a smoothie just to survive my 24 block walk home. Along my stroll I came across 3 gorgeous puppies tied to stand pipes outside of the Gracious Home store located on 766 6th Ave in Chelsea, NYC. Though these little dudes looked pretty well cared for and very nicely groomed, one thing was missing....... a mom or dad who could give a shit about their health or well being. These dogs were panting while sitting in the blazing sun. Not even under a tree for crying out loud.
Shame on me for taking a photo and not sticking around to berate the owners of these dogs. At first I was like "awwww puppies!!" as usual(can't help it). Then said: "so sad" as I snapped a photo and posted it to facebook so I could bitch to my friends about how horrible people treat their pets. But it bothered me the rest of the day and the days that followed. Kept asking myself, "what if someone stole those dogs?"and "what if those dogs got loose and got hit by a car?". Who could live with themselves after hearing such dreadful news knowing that you could have done something to prevent it? Like kick some bad pet parent ASS!

Dognapping is a pretty popular crime here in the Big Apple, and pretty much any city. And the people that tie their dogs up outside a shopping institution are the "victims"(using that word very loosely) that run crying to the authorities. If you want to stop this crime from happening, please tell all your dog owning friends to never EVER tie their dogs up, even if it is just for a second. Would you tie your infant to a fire hydrant?