Friday, June 18, 2010

Take your dog out to dinner?

This is our first reader submitted photo.

A Dogs Tied Up reader spotted this pooch tied to a railing outside of a West Village Diner the other night. The reader stood by and watched 2 different people stop to pet and talk to the pup, and even witnessed a passing by dog lunge at the tied up pooch.
Where was the pups owner? Inside having dinner, of course.

Ten minutes went by before the pups owner came out to check on his four legged friend. Our reader called him out. The pups owner got defensive, as expected, when he was accused of "abusing" his dog. He said:"Does this dog look abused to you?". Our reader said:"Yes, he does. He's tied up without anyone protecting him."

Some of you might say: "I'm not abusing my dog by tying him/her up outside while I shop or dine!" Well, you are only half correct.
What you ARE doing is subjecting your dog to potential abuse. It only takes a split second for someone to untie your dog and walk away. You don't even want to know what could happen next.

So please, stop being self centered, and put your dogs needs before your own. Your dog would do anything to protect you. Shouldn't you do the same?

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