Monday, June 14, 2010

So glad you are enjoying your coffee

We all have seen this a million times, dogs tied up outside of coffee shops. This poor little guy was tied up outside a Sullivan St. coffee shop Saturday morning. While his owner was inside enjoying a soy mocha double latte chai tea whatever in a nice air conditioned coffee shop, this dog was forced to lay on a hot sidewalk in the sun. It wasn't just for a second, he was there before I got to the corner bodega to get my self serve $1.50 coffee and was still laying there when I was done. I lingered around looked in the window of the coffee shop to see the owner sitting in the window enjoying his morning cup of Joe.
I'm sure the dogs owner was really proud of himself and his "multi-tasking" skills. Me? Not so impressed. It's stupid, irresponsible and lazy. So here are a few ideas if you want to enjoy your morning coffee and bring your dog along for the ride.

Idea #1- If you live alone, why not make coffee at home? They sell machines that do it for you called a Coffee Maker. Another great invention is the insulated portable coffee cup. Put the two together and you got yourself a coffee to go. Grab your pup and take him out for a nice long walk or go playing in the dog run. It's much better than tying Fido to a street sign and letting him roast on the hot sidewalk while you are lounging inside some cafe.

Idea #2- If you don't live alone use the buddy system. Invite your partner, spouse, kids or roommate along when you take your dog out. That way you can still stop off at Starbucks and get your $10 coffee while your dog walking partner waits outside with Fido. Then you all can go on a long walk or a stroll through the park.

Idea #3- This is for the real motivated pet owner: Make two trips. Take the pooch out for his morning potty and when he's done bring him home. Then you can go out to the cafe and enjoy your morning beverage alone, without worrying about me snapping a pic of your dog and putting it on this here website.

Easy peasy, right? Now you don't have to put your dogs life at risk anymore. At the end of the day tying your dog up outside alone for any reason for any length of time is dangerous, period.

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  1. jeez. thats so strange to me. i don't even take my dog out for long periods of time when its that hot. if i absolutely have to i bring water for her. seriously. you can get these doggie water bottles that fold out to become a dog bowl at petco for like $4.99. anyone who can afford starbucks coffee and definitely afford one of those thingys. rule of thumb: if i wouldn't do it to my three year old niece, i'm not going to do it to my puppy.