Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Too cute to be tied

This handsome little devil got stuck being tied to an ugly yellow pole while his mommy was inside the stationary store. You can't tell from the photo, but there was a man sitting in the silver car on the right, a stranger. How do we know said stranger? We asked him if this was his dog, he said no. We asked if he had seen where this dogs owner went, he pointed to the stationary store. We had enough time to snap a photo, talk to the stranger in the silver car and even tape a flyer to the yellow pole the pooch was tied to. We had more than enough time to untie the dog and walk away with him. Instead we decided to hang around long enough for the dogs owner to get done with her errands. Instead of verbally ripping her a new asshole, we instructed her to take and read the piece of paper we taped to the yellow pole. She did, and walked away. We figured if we gave her a written list of reasons why tying your dog up outside unattended is a bad idea, it would sink in much better than standing there lecturing her.

Hopefully we will never see this cute black eyed, black eared baby, tied up again.


  1. http://www.brooklynanimalfosternetwork.org/dogNap-Poster.jpg

  2. http://dogblogsf.tumblr.com/page/1

  3. Thank you both. Will repost both links here and on our facebook page.