Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Painful Cries on the Upper East Side

This has got to be the most painful Dogs Tied Up write up I have ever done. Luckily I was not there to witness it. Who knows what I would have done if I was. By now I could be sharing a cell with Lindsay Lohan, and that would have been the easiest sentence. No doubt I would have murdered the owners of this dog if I were to have met them.

This horrible photo was texted to me by a friend. Taken outside of a Dean & Deluca on 85th and Madison at 12:30pm on July 30th, and it was fucking hot that day. The poor dog was trying to howl and bark for it's owner. But it couldn't because it was obviously DEBARKED, at some point in his life. She said the noise that was coming out of his poor mouth was painful. And if you ever heard what a debarked dog sounds like, you would never forget it. It's just awful.
Maybe the owners of this dog rescued him, and he came to them "debarked". But still, hasn't the dog been through enough trauma? Why torture him more by tying him up outside? Leave him home where he is happy and secure.

If I were to see this dog, I would have taken him. Without a doubt.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I'm going to start a similar group for Philly. I just had a scary experience with a tied dog outside a cafe. (I'm a dog walker and the poor tied dog got off leash and only through LUCK did I get the dog back... The owner had no idea her dog almost ended up on a very busy street.) Thankfully the dog I was walking was calm about the entire situation... It makes me so upset!! Dogs get stolen all of the time!! PS - Do you mind if I use that image for a blog posting?

  2. Yes, go right ahead.

    You should also post this flyer that Brooklyn Animal Foster Network sent us:

  3. Sweet Lord. I just found this blog. The most ANNOYING THING IN THE WORLD is people freaking out about my dog when I tie my dog outside a store.

    It's absolutely ridiculous.

    You know what my dog does at home? Sleeps on the floor! You know what my dog does when I tie him up outside the bank and go to the ATM? Sleeps in the dirt! You know what idiots do? Freak out while I'm in the bank watching the dog through the window.

    Do you know what the dog prefers? No one does. Dogs can't talk. Generally though a dog indicates he wants to be with its owner. If you want to maximize the time with the dog, you need the freedom to do daily tasks with the dog, which sometimes means leaving the dog tied up outside. This makes the dog very, very happy. Hanging out with its owner all day is something almost all dogs want to do.

    Is there a dog owner who stays home with their dog on their lap and never leaves the house? A shut in maybe?

    My dog loves to be with me all day. I need to go places. They don't allow dogs. I leave my dog outside. My dog is fine. I come back, some middle aged woman is often there fretting about my dog. This can happen within seconds. Sometimes I will even be getting the dog a drink and it will happen. It's utterly bizarre.

    If you want to save dogs from being tied up make a law please that dogs can go EVERYWHERE. Otherwise, you are simply being absurd.

    Make a law that allows dogs in every establishment and I guarantee you won't see dogs tied up outside anymore.

    YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT THIS DOG. Maybe he's a barker. Maybe he just barks all the damn time. Maybe he barks when he's home alone. Maybe the owner reduces his separation anxiety by taking him out with her and only leaving him for shorter times rather than the whole day.

    You simply have no idea. Everything you write here is likely your neurotic projection on this dog.

    People are constantly neurotically projecting unhappiness on my dog---a dog I rescued, paid thousands of vet bills for and who head butts me to take him with me when I run errands. My dog is never ever ever even the slightest bit traumatized when I tie him up.

    Dogs were bred for many tasks--hunting, sheep herding, pulling sleds in the Arctic. While some breeds are not suited for certain activities, many breeds of dogs are fine in a variety of conditions (just as humans are also fine in a variety of conditions.)

    Where this widespread neurosis about dogs being tied up arose I will never know but it is unnerving to see people like you having what amounts to a kind of purely delusional anxiety over my dog. My dog is absurdly happy to be out and about. My dog wants me to come back when he is tied up because he wants to walk and walk and walk and pee on everything he sees. But making the dog wait 20 minutes to get what he wants while I get a cup of coffee is not animal abuse.

    Leaving my dog home alone for hours is not abuse either but it is a bummer for my dog. I am doing what I know is best for my dog.

    Lord only knows what untrue things you would imagine about my dog.

    1. Your comment is from over a year ago, so I don't know if you'll see this, or even care about it if you do. The reason people freak out about you leaving your dog tied up outside is because dogs are stolen, and either used as bait to train dogs for the dog fighting rings, or they are sold by Class B dealers to research facilities.