Monday, July 26, 2010

Assholes drink Starbucks too

It was hot as hell outside on this day of July.
This peachie colored Pit was spotted sitting outside of the Starbucks on 2nd Ave and 9th st. She sat there for a very long time, while her owner was inside getting a double mocha shot in the face, or something like that. A really nice couple stopped and petted the gal for a while, and stood around looking for her owner. The pooch even rolled over on her back, begging them to take her home. We watched this whole thing while waiting in line at the HSBC next door. The chick who works the door at the HSBC told us that every morning there is someone who ties up a beagle outside this Starbucks. We would love to get our hands on that photo (hint, hint).

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