Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Painful Cries on the Upper East Side

This has got to be the most painful Dogs Tied Up write up I have ever done. Luckily I was not there to witness it. Who knows what I would have done if I was. By now I could be sharing a cell with Lindsay Lohan, and that would have been the easiest sentence. No doubt I would have murdered the owners of this dog if I were to have met them.

This horrible photo was texted to me by a friend. Taken outside of a Dean & Deluca on 85th and Madison at 12:30pm on July 30th, and it was fucking hot that day. The poor dog was trying to howl and bark for it's owner. But it couldn't because it was obviously DEBARKED, at some point in his life. She said the noise that was coming out of his poor mouth was painful. And if you ever heard what a debarked dog sounds like, you would never forget it. It's just awful.
Maybe the owners of this dog rescued him, and he came to them "debarked". But still, hasn't the dog been through enough trauma? Why torture him more by tying him up outside? Leave him home where he is happy and secure.

If I were to see this dog, I would have taken him. Without a doubt.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Muzzled and Tied on July 3rd!

This just pisses me off to no end. Can't even stand to write about it. Ugh!!!!! Another reader sent this in. It's the fucking hottest July of all July's in NYC people. Its bad enough you have to tie your dog up outside of the French Roast on 6th Ave while you dine. But you have to make it even harder on your dog and stick a muzzle on it's face too?
Our reader said he walked up to Bed Bath and Beyond on July 3rd and passed this dog sitting on the hot sidewalk. muzzled. He did his shopping and then walked back downtown and the dog was STILL sitting on the hot sidewalk muzzled. The reader said the dog was suffering for over an hour from what he saw. Who knows how long this dog was really sitting out in the hot sun.
It's owners should be shot!!

Destination unknown

This photo was sent to us by a reader, we are not sure where this was taken. But does it really matter? The reader told us that they confronted the owner while they were tying the dog up. Reader told them what could possibly happen to a dog tied up, and the owner said "I tie my dog up all the time." The reader said, "But your dog could be stolen and used for dog fighting." Dog owner said, "my dog is too nice for dog fighting." OK....... The person that owns this dog is a moron. Nice dogs make for great dog fighting bait.

Assholes drink Starbucks too

It was hot as hell outside on this day of July.
This peachie colored Pit was spotted sitting outside of the Starbucks on 2nd Ave and 9th st. She sat there for a very long time, while her owner was inside getting a double mocha shot in the face, or something like that. A really nice couple stopped and petted the gal for a while, and stood around looking for her owner. The pooch even rolled over on her back, begging them to take her home. We watched this whole thing while waiting in line at the HSBC next door. The chick who works the door at the HSBC told us that every morning there is someone who ties up a beagle outside this Starbucks. We would love to get our hands on that photo (hint, hint).

Friday, June 18, 2010

Don't Go Shopping For Disaster

The Brooklyn Animal Foster Network sent us a link to their very powerful flier.

Right now, people in your neighborhood are intent on stealing your dog. They're checking out stores, cars and yards where dogs are often left unattended. When they get a "bunch" of these dogs they will sell them to research laboratories or dog fighters. "Bait" animals are used to test a dogs fighting instinct. We don't have to tell you what a laboratory will do with them. These dogs are always killed in the process.
Please, keep your dog safe at all times.

Please print this flier and post it in your neighborhood.

Dogs Tied Up in San Fran

Looks like we were not the first ones to start a photo blog of Dogs Tied Up. Check out this dog blog from San Francisco, they've been doing this for quite some time now.

These sad faces really break my heart. http://dogblogsf.tumblr.com/page/1

Take your dog out to dinner?

This is our first reader submitted photo.

A Dogs Tied Up reader spotted this pooch tied to a railing outside of a West Village Diner the other night. The reader stood by and watched 2 different people stop to pet and talk to the pup, and even witnessed a passing by dog lunge at the tied up pooch.
Where was the pups owner? Inside having dinner, of course.

Ten minutes went by before the pups owner came out to check on his four legged friend. Our reader called him out. The pups owner got defensive, as expected, when he was accused of "abusing" his dog. He said:"Does this dog look abused to you?". Our reader said:"Yes, he does. He's tied up without anyone protecting him."

Some of you might say: "I'm not abusing my dog by tying him/her up outside while I shop or dine!" Well, you are only half correct.
What you ARE doing is subjecting your dog to potential abuse. It only takes a split second for someone to untie your dog and walk away. You don't even want to know what could happen next.

So please, stop being self centered, and put your dogs needs before your own. Your dog would do anything to protect you. Shouldn't you do the same?